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About The Food Processing Human Resources Council

Food Processing Human Resources Council (FPHRC): is a national, not-for-profit, skills and training council. The FPHRC is a keystone member of Canada’s food processing community; working in conjunction with government, provincial associations, community colleges, workplace programs and industry specialists. Our council aims to ensure that Canadian processors are equipped with affordable learning tools and resources to face the future confidently, knowing that the industry is highly skilled.

Our not-for-profit council works with companies across Canada to develop national skill standards, relevant course content, labour market research, on-site training programs and worker certification programs. FPHRC monitors the industry’s Human Resources developments and needs, and is a leader in delivering information and training tools to support a safe and secure food supply and a viable and competitive food processing sector.  We represent the learning needs for Canadian food and beverage manufacturers. We focus on addressing your skills and training requirements in a variety of areas including; food safety, worker certification, innovations, leadership, wage subsidy assistance and more.

From start to finish, our work is driven-by and authenticated by food and beverage manufacturers.

Join the Skills Movement, visit www.fphrc.ca/en/membership.aspx to sign-up today!