How It Works

Our Innovations Roadmap is a vital resource for companies, entrepreneurs, and students looking to innovate and bring new products to market. The Roadmap is a fully-interactive online platform consisting of 29 comprehensive modules, divided into 3 key segments:

  • Front End: Scoping & Business Case
  • Development
  • Commercialization

Modules are organized into 5 chapters:

1. Get Started    2. Learn   3. Practice   4. Apply   5. Explore Further    

This expertly crafted learning sequence guides you through the lesson contents, ensures a deeper understanding of course concepts and outlines/simplifies directions for practical application.

Each lesson contains varied learning materials including videos, templates, and case studies, examples, learning content, flipbooks, charts, worksheets, external links and additional resources.

After registration, begin your Innovations Roadmap by completing our pre-roadmap questionnaire. The assessment tool consists of ten short questions and guides the user to the segment he/she should start with, based on company’s progress/individual needs.

Once the assessment tool has determined which segment is the best starting-point for you, begin with the first module in that section, and make your way through the module chapters (Get Started→ Learn → Practice → Apply→ Explore Further)

An incredible value, the Innovation Roadmap will help you to build the innovation skills you need in today's global business climate.

Full year subscription to ONE segment is only $99*

Full year subscription to ALL segments is $199*

Get started today! Register for access to the Innovations Roadmap and begin your journey by completing our quick and easy assessment tool!

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